LD Airshows offers a 12-17 minute, ground start, aerobatic routine flying the FLS Microjet “Lil Devil”, the world’s smallest manned jet. 


The show will begin at crowd center with a military precision start-up, safety check and taxi out featuring Team LD Airshows Crew Chief  Kelly Jeffries.  Captain L. D. Jeffries will take off and immediately begin the show with a quick 180 degree turn back to airshow center and begin the show with a full Cuban 8.  After that, each pass will follow with an aileron roll, 4 point roll, barrel roll, tight radius 360 degree level turns, a 250 knot high speed pass, a nearly inverted photo pass and the “gear-up, gear-down, gear-up” pass demonstrating the world’s fastest landing gear with the final pass resulting in a full stop landing. 


The entire show will be performed within full view of the airshow audience and enhanced with high density and very visible smoke, with the exception of the gear pass.   The current low altitude limitation is 800 feet in sanctioned airshow airspace but expect it to be lowered to 500 feet sometime during the 2018 season. 


Lil’ Devil is also available for display in the United States at various indoor or outdoor venues such as car shows, store openings, trade shows, expos, etc.  The FLS can fit through any door or entrance that is at least 4' wide.  The height of the tail is 5’9” tall.  It can be fully assembled without fuel in as little as 30 minutes.  LDAirshows will provide information pamphlets about the jet and will be displayed with a high visibility A-frame information board. 


LD Airshows will also have t-shirts, decals and other Lil’ Devil merchandise available for sale at every event. 


Please contact or 603-491-4175 for prices and booking dates.