The use of this aircraft is for performing in air shows across North America. The FLS Microjet was originally developed in the 1970's by Jim Bede of Bede Aircraft, Inc. (Newton, KS) and designated the BD-5.  It was a public sensation and fueled homebuilders with dreams of owning a high performance propellor or jet aircraft at a fraction of the normal cost.  

Due to it's unique size, the BD-5J was dubbed the "The World's Smallest Jet" and earned a reputation as James Bond's jet when it was featured in the movie "Octopussy."  Through the years, a few airshow teams have captivated fans all over the world but today, only a few of the older BD-5J's still exist.  

Unfortunately, the aircraft was well ahead of its time and proved difficult for most homebuilders to build.  This and several other reasons caused Bede Aircraft, Inc. to close it's doors in 1979.  

Fortunately, BD-Micro Technologies, Inc (BMT) has worked many years to update the BD-5 and today BMT has successfully incorporated  many improved design features in an aircraft line-up called the "Flight Line Series" or "FLS" kits.  

This aircraft is Serial number #8 in the series and was built by L. D. Jeffries with the help and on-site support of the BD-Micro support team.


  • Top Speed:        320 mph

  • Stall Speed:      67 mph

  • Max Range:       200 nm (or 300 nm)

  • Max Loading:    + 6 g's

  • Wing Span:       17 ft

  • Length:              15 ft

  • ​Height:               5'9"

  • Empty Weight:  430 lbs

  • Max Weight:       860 lbs

  • Jet Fuel:             30 gal (or 45 gal)

  • Thrust:                280 lbs 

  • Engine:               PBS Velka Bites TJ-100


  •  Improved Wing Aerodynamics and C.G. range

  •  State-of-the-art Fadec Controlled Jet Engine

  •  Instant Angle of Attack System

  •  Advanced Avionics with 2 axis Autopilot

  •  Redundant Vertical Power Electrical System

  •  Increased Fuel Capacity 

  •  Structural Improvements

  •  GRT Avionics technology makes the FLS Microjet cockpit one of the most advanced cockpits in the world. 

  • The FLS Microjet is a fully aerobatic, jet-powered aircraft built from a kit.

  •  The FLS Microjet is a re-engineered design by BD-Micro Technologies, Inc. based on a 1970’s homebuilt kit aircraft called the BD-5.

  • Guinness recognizes the BD-5J design as the “Worlds Smallest Jet.”

  • World’s fastest landing gear fully extends or retracts in a half of

    a second!!!

  • The FLS Microjet travels to airshows and other events in a small custom built trailer and can be assembled and fully ready to fly in just 20 minutes! 

Captain L. D. Jeffries

L. D. is the primary pilot of the FLS Microjet "Lil Devil."  He is a retired USAF Pararescueman and currently is a Captain at   United Airlines flying the 757 and 767.

Captain Kelly Jeffries

Kelly is the Chief of Safety and Sanity and our primary crew chief of the FLS Microjet "Lil Devil." She is a former Navy Lt. Commander and currently is a Captain at American Airlines flying the 737.

Capt Kelly Jeffries.jpeg

Laura "Magpie" Lerdall

"Magpie" is our Director of Operations + "MOM" (Master of Minutia), handling all of our marketing and website content.  She is also one of our crew chiefs, so look for her at our shows.

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